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Word to the Parents

Every parent is a “Teacher” to his/her child. Al Hukma International School solicits a close sharing rapport between teachers and parents for developing the mental and physical faculties of the child in order to make him a law abiding citizen of the society in the years to come. The faculties of orderliness, discipline, dedication and enquiry take root at home & develop further at school. Aptitude, behavior and temperament have to be moulded by the parents as well as the teachers. To carry out the joint responsibility, the school looks forward to the parents support, cooperation and expects them to:

  1. Regularly monitor the progress of their child and communicate with the concerned teachers through this diary regarding problems if any & if needed the concern V.P or the Principal may be contacted.
  2. Acknowledge every communication send by the school in shape of notes/circulars by putting your signature on.
  3. Help the child correct his/her behavior as and when required.
  4. Make sure that the child is regular & punctual to school. Always send a letter if he/she is absent from school. Your updates will help avoid truancy as well as removal of name from the school rolls in case of long absence.
  5.   Attend all the parents/ teacher meetings and get the feedback on the progress of their ward.
  6.  Make sure that the child is neatly turned out. Teach him/her the value of honesty, Integrity & politeness.
  7.  Make sure that the child has all the prescribed books as well as stationary requirements; do not encourage the habit of borrowing.
  8. Make sure that the children suffering from infections / contagious diseases like mumps, measles, typhoid, cholera, chicken pox.. etc. Do not send him to school till the quarantine period is over. when they resumes, a fitness certificate from the hospital should be sent along with the due notice.
  9. Parents are requested not to approach the classes directly for any reason, they should go only to V.P who will help them in the matter.
  10. Student should not bring mobile to school, if they are found the mobile will be confiscated and not be returned back.
  11. Student found with fire cracker/explosive in the school will be expelled from the school.
  12.  Student found with any objectionable literature materials of any kind may be suspended / removed from the school.