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Rules And Regulations For Students

School is the synonym of discipline. If further distinguishes a school boy from a street boy. Like Rousseauistic Philosophy of social equality, school children are born equally. Therefore, they must be treated and dealt equally, that means to say equality in class, in outlook and in discipline. 

Rules are formulated to keep the school premises a healthy, caring and friendly place. In other words, discipline remains our utmost priority. All the students, irrespective of their backgrounds, are required to follow the school’s rules and regulations. 

  • Students are required to be physically and mentally attentive to lessen proceedings in the classrooms. Their timely focused attention will save them from many post- lesson difficulties.
  • Students are encouraged to do their home work and submit their assignments on time in order to make their classroom participation a valuable learning experience.
  • Students failing to submit their homework on time will be subjected to extra homework, detention or both.
  • They are expected to demonstrate noble, cultural and academic qualities and practices on end off- campus, and discouraged to use bad or street language as well as wall chalking in the school premises.
  • They are expected to keep their classrooms, corridors and school building tidy to avoid any mishap.
  • Eating snacks, chewing gums and drinking are strictly prohibited in the classrooms. The offender will be liable to pay a fine @ SRs per class/day
  • Students are bound to regard school property as valuable companion and asset. They should not step on chairs, or walk on tables. Any student found guilty of damaging school furniture or property will have to incur the damages.
  • School disposes of student boys (elected representatives or monitors) in place which help maintain school campus as well as classrooms a quite environment conductive for learning. Students are requested to respect the administrative hierarchic.