About us



Cradle is the first class room of every child .It is further stretched out to a regular school when a child climbs the rungs of years , the school is a place where the child’s inherited qualities of features not only take shapes but also determine the course of his/her educational predilections. We at AL HUKAMAA partner with the parents a healthy cognitive alliance in the pursuit of their children’s physical, moral and educational ambitions and dreams. In order to help them materialize their dreams, we provide them excellent coaching facilities, extracurricular activities to discover their real self, to kindle their hearts with light that guides them in the right domain they identify themselves with and vow to make them “global learner – citizens of this planet. We endeavor to achieve academic excellence, promote healthy physical activities and infuse the spirit of building a sound moral character. Our school places emphasis on discipline, aptitude and behavior and class room participation. Teachers and parents both shoulder these responsibilities to mould the character of this student in to the desired unit of the society. We seek to promote ourselves not with our success but with the success of our students.

Best Wishes
Sadia Kaleem