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Sports and physical activities

Physical activities are a common form of recreation and a source of well-being, and are key to improving physical fitness and physical and mental health. Physical activities may include introductory, recreational and competitive sports or outdoor activities, fitness training and recreational games incorporating muscle-building. Physical activities may also take the form of organized practices (with adequate supervision) or informal practices (access to facilities and materials, but with minimal supervision). 

Activities are considered healthy and safe when the focus is on permanently adopting an active lifestyle and when they are carried out in accordance with the safety rules established by sports and recreation federations (regarding facilities, the behaviour of participants, coaches and other sports officials, fair play).

  • Saudi National Day

  • Islamic celebration

  • Spelling Bee (Gr 1 – 5)

  • Spot Essay writing (Gr 6 – 10)

  • Qirat Competition (Gr 1 – 5)

  • Safety week

  • Sports day

  • Food festival

  • Earth Day

  • Drawing competition (Gr 1 – 5)

  • Newspaper heading (Gr 6 – 10)

  • Environment day

  • Annual Function

  • Toaster club

  • Mother Day

  • Talent show

  • Science Exhibition

  • Maths Quiz

  • Annual Art contest

  • Labour Day

  • Hat Parade

  • Clown show

  • Costume day

  • Animal Kingdom

  • Candy Quiz
  • Professional Occupation day

  • Veggie day

  • Fruity day

  • Snack time

  • Color day

  • Rainbow week

  • Sports day

  • Painting competition

  • Culture day

  • Entrepreneurship Event

  • Hukamaa Got Talent

  • Science projects

  • Project design given to all students from Grade 5 – 9

  • Cardboard design

  • Plastic design

  • Chart design

It is with children that we have the best chance of studying the development of logical knowledge, physical knowledge, and so forth.

- Alhukamaa

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