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Discipline Policy

Students must reach school by 8:00am every day; warning will be issued to those children who arrive late more than three times in a month. 

Students should attend classes regularly. In case of absence, he/she should send a leave application. Daily signed by the parents or guardians. 

Students must come to school in proper uniform. Mobile phones, Digital Dairies, Camera…etc is not allowed in school. 

The Students are not allowed to leave school premises without permission from the school Principal. 

In case of medical/accidental emergency, only First Aid will be provided by the school. Parents will be informed to take care of the follow-up treatment, if required parents are requested to update the school in case a change in address / contact detail is made. 

Students must accept school decisions in all matters, whether they are included in these rules or not, since it is not possible to include all details in any written document. 

Student who loses any of their personal belongings must report the loss to the supervisors. However school is not responsible for the loss of any valuable items. As we have already mentioned, valuables should not be brought to school.