Rules of Admission

Rules of Admission


Places at the school are in great demand and the applicants must demonstrate a linguistic and academic ability to benefit from the curriculum offered. Assessments are carried out to gauge the correct placement and identify any special needs, the degree to which the school’s educational support staff will accommodate them. 

For admission to the school in the current year, children must be at least 3 years of age and not more than 18 years of age.

The school requires an assessment test to ensure correct placement.

A fee KG to Grade 5 Sr. 150/= and Grade 6 to 10 Sr. 200/= (NON_REFUNDABLE) will be charged for the assessment test.

The assessment test will be given after the children, together with their parents, have been interviewed by the Headmistress or Deputy Headmistress.

Initial placement of a child is based on the result of the original assessment. However, the school reserves the right to move a child to another year or a mother class after consultation with parents, if this is considered to be in the child’s interest.

The final decision on child’s admission to the school rests with the principal.








Fee Regulations


School Fee Structure:


·        KG1 – KG2 – KG3

·        GRADES 1 , 2 ,3

·        GRADES 4 , 5 ,6

·        GRADE 7, 8

·        GRADE 9


·        10,500

·        11,000

·        11,500

·        12,000

·        12,500


·        5,250 + 5250

·        5,500 + 5,500

·        5,750 + 5,750 / 5,500 + 3,000 + 3,000

·        6,000 + 6,000 / 6,000 + 3,000 + 3,000

·        6,250 + 6250 / 6,500 + 3,000 + 3,000


Concession for the full payment will be given 10% discount ( not applicable on KG )


Hukamaa EDU Application fee is 150 SAR at the beginning of the year.


Discount for Siblings:

2nd child

·        5%

3rd child

·        10%

4th child

·        15%

5th child

·        20%

Payment of fee in two installments for KG to GRADE 3

First Payment — September

Second Payment — February  

  • First installment is payable at the beginning of the First term, Second installment is payable at the beginning of the Second term. No concession is given if the student is absent at the beginning or end of the Term.


  • If the student joins the school late, fee is payable from September. (Starting of the session)


  • Monthly late fee penalty will be applicable at SR 5/- per day per child.


  • Tuition fee is to be paid for full academic year.


  • In case of Medical / Accidental Emergency only First Aid will be provided by the school. Parents will be informed to take care of the follow-up treatment. Parents are requested to keep the school updated regarding change in address / contact details.


  • School is not responsible for transportation. Transportation fee is to be paid directly to the Driver.



Concession for the full payment will be given 10% discount ( not applicable on KG )